It's a True Crime podcast you can listen to with your kids!

1 - Chapter 1: The Who (5 min)
Glowis begins her investigation on the case of Golden Falcon and the baby's stolen candy

2 - Chapter 2: The What (5 min)
The "baby" gets a visit from Glowis as she prys for more details.

3 - Chapter 3: The How (8 min)
Glowis visits the scene of the incident, to try to piece it all together.

4 - Chapter 4: The Why (9 min)
The People vs. Golden Falcon...what will be the outcome?

Crime Origins Podcast

Set in the world of Hero Hotel this is a mini series that spoofs True Crime podcasts with superheroes.

Written by Yehudi Mercado

Crime Origins
In this prequel to Hero Hotel, Glowis Glaine is a podcaster and an investigative reporter for the Global Gazette. With her recorder in hand, Glowis hits the streets of Cityberg investigating criminal origins, the small crimes that lead to bigger crimes… stealing candy from a baby, getting caught in the cookie jar, or liar liars whose pants are on fire.