It’s here—a brand-new, innovative theater attraction that immerses you completely in the world of “Detective Conan.” The action unfolds with characters appearing in real life before your eyes and also on a gigantic screen in stunning 3D. These and other special effects stimulate all of your senses for an astounding, high-quality performance with thrills and suspense that never stop!

Detective Conan 4-D Live Show

I had the privilege of serving as the Director for the cinema 4-D live show at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, overseeing a project that proved to be both an immense challenge and a thrilling adventure. The primary objective was to transform the former Terminator attraction T2-3D: Battle Across Time into an immersive experience featuring the beloved anime characters from Detective Conan. This endeavor culminated in a sixteen-minute animated film seamlessly integrated with live actors on stage.

Countless technicians and artists worked together to bring this project to life. My responsibilities spanned from concept art to storyboards to orchestrating the design of live costumes and supervising sound mixing, ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience for our audience. Today, approximately fourteen thousand guests delight in this attraction daily at USJ, and I take immense pride in its success and positive reception.

Universal Studios Japan
November 2021 – March 2023